In The New Year

In The New Year

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the White Water show. And to Matt White and everyone at the venue for always being so fun and helpful to us. Here’s a few things to take into the new year. Enjoy and hope to see you all soon!

Big Cats Radio January 2014

“Man Of Leisure” (Live Video)

All the best,
The Big Cats

Big Cats July 2013 Mix

Big Cats July 2013 Mix

Hey there friends. Here’s the latest Big Cats mix via Colin.

And just to catch you up, here’s what everyone’s up to…

Jason’s finishing up a run of Europe dates with Green Day, Colin is playing in a few bands in New York (most notably Leda and the house band for the play Sleep No More), Josh is playing with Johnny Mac And The Gentleman Firesnakes, while I (Burt) am busy with Max Recordings and playing drums for Canehill Engagement (with Jeremy Brasher, Kevin Kerby and Brian Rogers).

That’s the latest on our whereabouts. Hope you enjoy the new playlist and the rest of your summer!

Big Cats Radio July 2013

The Store Is Open…

Want to pick up our new Ancient Art Of Leaving opus? Here’s some links where you can grab it…

25 Song Limited Edition 3xlp via Bandcamp

12 Song Digital Version of Part 1 via iTunes

12 Song Digital Version of Part 2 via iTunes

Part Two

Hey everybody. We’re probably still a month or two off from putting out the second half of Ancient Art but the mixes from part two are sounding pretty good to our ears. Hope everyone’s doing good out there. Stick with us, we promise to keep you better updated as things progress over the next month or so.

Cheers mates,