In The New Year

In The New Year

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the White Water show. And to Matt White and everyone at the venue for always being so fun and helpful to us. Here’s a few things to take into the new year. Enjoy and hope to see you all soon!

Big Cats Radio January 2014

“Man Of Leisure” (Live Video)

All the best,
The Big Cats

Our Friends, Acquaintances

Our long time friends Steve Schmidt, Chris Wilson, and Justin Sinkovich (of past bands Chino Horde, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, and the Poison Arrows) have started a new band and just released their self titled debut.

The band is called Acquaintances and the music they’re making is fantastic. Please check it out at the link below.


April 2013 Spotify Playlist

March was a blast. Jason got back on the road with Green Day and sweet Colin got married. We hope all our friends are doing good out there and that this mix helps you ease your way into spring. Cheers!

Big Cats Radio April 2013


“Don’t Go” Video

Our dear old comrade Richard Matson [of Matson Films] helped wrangle a video together for his favorite song from our Ancient Art Of Leaving album. Thanks to him and all the others who pitched in!

“I Can See Land” Video…

Thanks to Magnet Magazine for helping spread the word on our new video for “I Can See Land”. Also, of course, huge thanks to all of our good friends in Arkansas who helped put this thing together (Bryan Stafford, Lydia Washburn, Matthew Martin, Mike Poe, etc).

December Update…

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our recent shows in Little Rock & New Orleans! We’re taking the Christmas holidays off but we have a few fun things we’ll be sharing later in the month. In the meantime, you can pick up our new 3xLP record here – And last but not least, Colin’s come up with another stellarĀ Spotify playlist to keep your December humming along. 135228_4788440478103_1666911892_o